As much as we love to Open Shut Them, we all need the occasional respite from rhyme time and baby gym. Surely we'd all be calmer, happier, more enthusiastic parents if we could just squeeze in a little adult time during the week. That's why we decided to start Kin & Kind, a dynamic alternative to the standard day-time, child-focused activities.

Our Parent focused workshops & meet-ups

Come along to our workshops and meet-ups and learn a skill (or brush up on old ones), talk about what you love, meet new people and spend time focusing on something other than child-rearing.  Our broad range of 90 minute workshops and meet-ups cover everything from creative writing, gardening and woodwork to career guidance and personal development. We'll make you a coffee and most importantly, childcare is offered in the same building (for an extra fee). Children 0-4 months are welcome to join the classes. While most of our sessions are facilitated by experienced practitioners, we are keen to welcome parents with amazing skill sets who have things to share, to teach and pass on. 

KIN & KIND can help you rekindle your passions and find adult conversations

Kin & Kind is about rekindling the passion you once had but have lost in the fog of babies, kids and home, in a safe and supportive environment. We want you to leave feeling energised, with a sense of achievement that’s unrelated to the kids. 

At the very least, you're 90 minutes closer to nap time.

Miriam & Josie