miriam & josie

After being set up on a play date by our then-3 year olds, we took to brainstorming business ideas between trampoline bouncing, games of snap and copious cups of tea...

Josie jones co-founder of Kin & Kind

I moved to the Eastern Beaches ten years ago, dragging my husband over from London. I've taken a few different career routes since having children, from working full time in a big corporate (international conference calls at 3am, no thanks!) and freelance marketing insights and branding, to running the school P&C. 

I’m a mum of 3 and (like every other mother I have ever spoken with) I juggle a lot. I firmly believe in the power of friendships and community to get through the challenging times. Growing up overseas I moved around a lot as a kid, so I understand how important it is to develop and nurture new friendships. I’m still in touch with my ‘pen pal’ from when I was 9, before the days of email and social media!

This has really framed the foundations for starting Kin & Kind. I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with Miriam  to try and create a place where as parents we can support each other and find creative and stimulating outlets for our ‘me-time’.

miriam raphael Co-founder of Kin & Kind

I have a curiosity and enthusiasm for life in all its weird and wonderful glory, which has taken me from karaoke hostess, travel writer and blogger to radio producer, arts festival sponsorship manager, magazine editor and mum of two. I love hearing people's stories and building connections in the real world, not just from behind a computer screen. 

Since I've had kids, it's been a daily, hourly, nanosecondly challenge to balance being a 'good-enough' mum with keeping my own life rich, rewarding and non-sleep-deprived. Being a busy person, working freelance, dipping in and out of online parenting conversations, struggling with the house of cards of childcare arrangements... I just wanted to make it easier for carers to stay connected and in touch with all the world continues to offer, as we parent our faces off. Enter Josie - an amazingly together and simpatico day-care mum mate - and over many avocado cheese sandwiches, Kin & Kind was born.

I really look forward to meeting you all, as we create a community based on kindness and authenticity, where we continue to learn, create and have fun. Let's see what positive impact we can have through the power of in-person gatherings!