the creche

Kindercubs is the Kin & Kind creche service, offering a fun and safe on-site childcare solution for parents attending our workshops and meet-ups.  Our creche is designed to feel like being in a playroom at home. It's only steps away from our workshop space, but once in session, there's two doors between you and the "cubs". 

Kindercubs will take children from 4 months to 5 years old. Babies under 4 months can be brought into the session on a parent’s lap or in a baby capsule. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate prams.

We currently use our friends at Upswing to run our creche service. Your 'cubs' are in safe hands


Our Kindercubs Creche is available for a small fee on top of the ticket price. We have tried to make it as affordable as possible. Kindercubs must be booked at the time of ticket purchase for the event you are attending. Places are limited and it will operate on a first come, first serve basis. Creche bookings are non-refundable.

the ground rules

Because of the nature of the set up and our commitment to making sure we run a great service we have the following conditions for booking your child into our creche:

  • You have to stay on-site. You can’t leg it off to do your shopping – sorry! This is a friendly, community-focused organisation that seeks to work with parents to help find a short-term care solution while you attend a Kin & Kind event.
  • Kids without nappies must be taken to the toilet in advance. If you’re toilet-training your little person we would really appreciate you put a nappy on your toddler if you think there might be accidents.
  • Babies should have a fresh, clean nappy before the class starts. Nappy changes are to be done by parents – our carers will come and get you if this is necessary.
  • If your child becomes disruptive or difficult, you will be notified and your little one may be returned to you.
  • Water bottles should be clearly labelled. Snacks are OK (fruit & veggie sticks are preferred) but absolutely no nuts.
  • We will not administer any medication.
  • Please do not bring any toys, they break and get lost (cue heartbroken kidlets) ... plus, we've got plenty! 
  • You will be in the room next door, so in the event of an emergency we will all evacuate safely together.